Pokémon Trading Guide

To Make sure of  smooth trading, we recommend that you read through this guide, especially if you are new and have no previous experience in trading.


All items ordered from this shop are delivered most preferably through Link Trade. We will only consider trading through GTS (Global Trading System in 3DS games) if all of the following items are satisfied:

  1. Non-bulk, single-Pokémon order
  2. No Mega Stone as held item
  3. Non-event Pokémon


Always indicate in your order your Friend Code (for 3DS/2DS) or your desired Link Code (for Switch)IGN and your receiving game version. For faster communication, you can message us those details in Facebook Here

HOW TO TRADE (Switch versions)

How to trade in BD/SP:

Method 1:
- Go to the floor below the Pokecenter and talk to either of the two ladies on the left side
- select "Yes, with a Link Code"
- allow the game to save then enter the 8-digit code that I will provide
- once inside the room, look for my trainer and talk to it
Method 2
- Be outside (not inside a building/cave) and click in the "Y" button
- select "Global Room" then select "Yes, with a Link Code"
- allow the game to save then enter the 8-digit code that I will provide
- once inside the room, look for my trainer and talk to it.

Generation 8 (Pokémon Sword & Pokémon Shield !)

How to Trade in Sword/Shield
1. Press "Y" to open Y-Comm
2. Press "+" to connect to the internet
3. Select "Link Trade", then "Set Link Code"
4. Enter code, then let it search

Generation 7 (Pokémon Let's Go, Pikachu! & Pokémon Let's Go, Eevee!)

  1. Open your game menu (press X) and choose Communicate.
  2. Choose play with others. 
  3. Choose Faraway Player (requires you to be connected to the Internet).
  4. Choose Link Trade.
  5. Enter the link code you provided upon checkout or as agreed by you and the genner.
  6. Trade any Pokémon you wish to let go.
  7. Enjoy your new Pokémon!

(For 3DS/2DS versions)


  1. On your 3DS Home Screen, click on the orange smiley icon (Friend List) at the bottom screen.
  2. You will see your Friend Code below your Mii avatar and Nintendo-registered name.


The genner in this shop currently utilizes a 3DS with the following Friend Code: 

  1. 0620-0233-9115

It is recommended that you immediately add this code to your handheld.


    1. Make sure you are connected to Internet and that you are within range of your Wi-Fi network. You can set up your connection in the 3DS Settings if your handheld system has not yet registered any connection.
    2. Click on Register Friend.
    3. Choose Internet.
    4. Then enter Pokefusez's Friend Code.

    HOW TO TRADE (3DS/2DS versions)

    Generation 7 (Pokémon Sun & Moon / Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon)

    1. Go to Festival Plaza.
    2. Connect to the Internet by clicking the blue, circular Wi-Fi button at the bottom right.
    3. When successfully connected, the blue bar that displayed "Connected to local wireless communication" will become "Connected to the Internet." Make sure you don't skip this part or else we would not be seeing each other in Festival Plaza.
    4. Stay in Festival Plaza and don't open any menus. Wait for our trade request (from Pokefusez.co) to appear.

    Generation 6 (Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire / X & Y)

    1. On the bottom screen, press the Player Search System (PSS) or the blue, circular Wi-Fi button.
    2. You will be taken to a screen with Friends, Acquaintances, Passersby displayed. Click on the Wi-Fi button again to connect to the Internet.
    3. The word “Internet” will appear when you are connected.
    4. Wait for our trade request to appear or you can immediately send us a trade request.


      1. Just trade in any Pokémon that are of no use to you ("trashmons," "breedjects"). We don't mind.
      2. Please avoid sending Pokémon that evolves when traded (e.g. Kadabra, Machoke, Graveler, Haunter, Boldore, Gurdurr, Phantump, Pumpkaboo) as it will delay the trading process.
      3. To avoid confusion on our part, we would appreciate it if you avoid trading in a Pokémon of the same species as the one we're trading you.
      4. Make sure you can be contacted while trading is on-going. A good way to be of communication is to chat with us at our Facebook Messenger!
      5. Upon receipt of your Pokémon, immediately check them for errors so that we can immediately act upon them.